Unarmed Combatives (Self Defense) Clinic

Learn about the Stages of Mental Awareness/Alertness and escalating your preparedness to the threat, as well as targets on the human body, bio-mechanics, and breaking away from common restraining holds. 

Be advised -this is not martial arts or a sport - We will teach self-defense combatives aimed at inflicting as much damage as possible to an assailant intent on doing you harm.

Younger students (teens) should be mature enough to discuss the real-life assaults that are occurring in our local area, threat situations, and potentially lethal responses.

Cost is $80.

Class Topics
  • Principles of Close Quarters Combat and Training
  • Awareness, Alertness, and Preparedness
  • Defensive Mindset and Predatory Traits
  • Mindset and Psychology of Physical Engagements - (Central Neural Override)
  • Anatomy and Physiology, Bio-Mechanics of the human body
  • Unarmed Targeting and Strikes - Introduction to Knife Skills as a Defensive Option
Equipment List
You will need long pants and a long sleeved shirt - gloves might also be useful, but are optional. Also bring a soccer chair and water bottle.

Class Schedule

None scheduled at this time, e-mail class@progressivecombatskills.com to request a class.